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Specialists in Retail and Service Industry

Payment Systems

Our product line also includes a number of Debit Card and Interac Machines for your payment system needs. Interac is Canada’s leading payment system brand, providing the keypads needed at register stations for customers to input their pin number and follow payment processing prompts. Combining privacy and security with convenience, BMR Business Systems distributes these high quality products, with specific models and features to meet the needs of your industry and business volume.

Cash Registers

Cash Register

BMR Business Systems has several cash register models available, with simple to advanced features. Cash registers (versus POS systems) are low cost for start-ups and easy to use while still providing basic reports and all the functions you need. We know that different types of businesses require specific features, such as menu item selections for restaurants, product code directories for retail and grocery stores, and much more. We offer standard cash registers, which are found in many restaurants and cafes, featuring a cash drawer in the base, input keyboard, separate or built in credit card swipe machine, and a printing device for receipts and reports. Self-service cash registers are becoming more and more commonplace, so we offer models that can accommodate any end user with security and accuracy.

Bar Dispensing Equipment

Cash Register

Our business system products also include bar dispensing equipment, such as bottle control systems which track usage and costs, guns systems for water, soda, and different types of liquor, beer taps, and other digital bar dispensing systems to work with everything from drinks to glasses to garnishes.

Liquor Dispensing

Cash Register

Our business system specialists in Regina offer liquor dispensing equipment for bars and restaurants. These push button control systems ensure quality drinks, accountability for portion control, and avoidance of spills and drips. You’ll be able to select a drink type or ingredients and have it dispense the correct mixture into the glass. There are cocktail towers with capacity to dispense up to 48 liquors and a dozen juices and sodas, all with simple pouring spouts for shots and cocktails. Your bartenders will be able to serve drinks more quickly and accurately.


Cash Register

Scales are often essential for bulk items sold by weight, including produce, deli meat, and many other products found in grocery and retail stores. We have scales for in-department areas that will print a SKU ticket sticker for easy scanning, as well as designs for self checkout stations. You’ll find a scale for your produce department and the deli, to be used by employees and customers.

Cash Register Ribbon

Cash Register

We carry all sizes of cash register ribbon, the essential paper needed to print every transaction receipt. Manufactured with a semi-matte surface designed to print ink clearly with minimal smudging, these can be purchased in any quantity. BMR Business Systems has rolls to fit in credit card machines and the register itself for both credit card and itemized receipts and reports.

Point of Sale

Cash Register

Point of Sale (POS) systems are found in many large retail outlets, department stores, and supermarkets. Using a laser scanner, a barcode reader easily scans multiple items, gathering data instantly. They are designed for high capacity to ensure customers get in and out efficiently. POS systems from BMR Business Systems are equipped with the latest software, with advanced features such as automatic item stock requests when a product is close to being depleted. The possibilities are nearly endless, so our Regina business system experts will work with you to uncover what you need for your business, which may include metering, or collecting data to analyze for advertising purposes.


We have several trusted suppliers for all of these products; see the brands below for more information.


Increase productivity and improve customer service through the NCC solutions.

  • POS Point of Sale System Solutions
  • Mobile Tablet point of sale solutions
  • Back software Solutions
  • Cloud Based Headquarters
  • Inventory Management

Industry Solutions for:

  • Liquor Stores
  • Nightclubs and Bars
  • Quick Service, Fast Food
  • Restaurants
  • Retail & Grocery Stores
  • Table Service

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A leader in solutions for automatic data capture (ADC), radio frequency identification RFID, mobility, point-of-sale, digital signage, and ID & security technology

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Cash Registers Ltd. is a distributor of electronic cash registers, POS terminals, thermal printers and POS peripherals such as card readers, cash drawers, or POS scales.

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